Dr Hanna is absolutely the most knowledgeable and competent naturopathic Dr I have encountered. Her expertise is unparalleled and I recommend her as a must have not only for treatment but for preventing ailments and encourage everyone to enlist her services on a path to enhanced living.

I began treatment for seasonal allergies and continue to visit her to address physical ailments AND mental health benefits. Her understanding of how physical and physiological care are intertwined is an absolute treasure

Chloe C.
I went to Dr Hanna to address seasonal allergies. During my initial visit she performed an extensive personal history interview t learn about me, my habits and my body performance as possible to ensure maximum benefit

I was so impressed by her knowledge and treatment recommendations that I have written in a visit to Dr Schmittat in my calendar every month. If you are looking for specific treatment or are interested in working on a natural lifestyle with an amazing coach then you MUST give Dr Schmittat a call
Matt G.
Hanna was amazing helping with a severe back pain! On a short notice she did some acupancture and cupping magic on my back that alleviated the pain and allowed me to breath and move freely. Highly recommend!
Iuliia Y.
Dr. Schmittat is so knowledgeable and caring. She uses her expertise to help with many of my concerns and I leave feeling like a renewed person. She is such a joy to be around and I feel taken care of when I have a session with her. I am honored that she has been a part of my path to wellness
Olivia K.
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