Ulcerative colitis

Ulcerative colitis

Ulcerative colitis is a debilitating condition that causes frequent bloody diarrhea, abdominal (belly) cramping, fatigue, weight loss, joint pain, blood loss in stool (poop), and anemia. It causes inflammation and ulcers to form in the large intestine. For many, this is a cause of a great deal of stress and anxiety, due to having to think of circumstances to go to the bathroom. Sometimes this can cause night time urging that causes a person to wake up in the middle of the night. Inflammation usually starts in the rectum which is closest to where poop exits, and can spread to the entire colon. The severity of UC depends on each person, and depends on the level of inflammation present in the body.

Patient story:

Nancy is a 65 year old woman who presented with bleeding Ulcerative colitis (UC), making 6-8 bathroom trips per day. She could not eat foods without aggravating her tenesmus, and had decreased meal frequencies to avoid bathroom trips, as a result loosing 19lb’s on a small frame. She had a history of UC in her 30’s, which had been under control for many years, until 5 months ago, when a sudden flare began. Frequent urgency and abdominal cramping increased stress levels, which came with high intensity neck pain, low back pain, and sciatica.

A few days prior to her first visit, she experienced sudden ear redness, lumpy swelling, and skin peeling on the external ear. Nancy feared that this was an irreversible deadly disease, and that she wouldn’t get this under control. Even though she needed to see doctors, her anxiety of doctors visits made scheduling doctors visits a incredibly stressful task. She had been on prednisone before, for her UC 30 years ago, and had been glad to be off it.

She looked nervous, tense, and restless, moving her legs and hands in a fidgety manner. She expressed that she experienced high blood pressure whenever in doctors offices, and experienced anxiety in anticipation of those visits.

Treatment strategy:

After assessing the complete symptom picture and assessing the emotional state of the patient, I determined Dys-co homeopathic remedy was the best match. A key striking symptom was the sudden swelling of ears, blue, red, thin, and scalding. This is written about in Murphy’s Nature MM III. A matching co-occurring symptom was her mental state: nervous tension due to anticipation. It is written in Paterson's bowel nosodes that this remedy has a special action (give relief) to symptoms of the nervous system and the heart. This was followed with a 15 min acupuncture treatment targeting local area's of pain. Finishing with 5 min of gua-sha (instrument associated myofascial release technique) of those local area's of pain.

One week later, Nancy reported that the ear swelling had reduced. She had her first formed stool in 5 months of flared UC. She noticed that when she took the homeopathic remedy, she felt relaxed and calm, so much so that her son and husband noticed the shift. Her neck pain had reduced to by 50%, the sciatica symptoms disappeared completely, and low back pain reduced to by 30%. With great relief and encouragement, she continued the treatment. Local acupuncture and gua-sha was applied again, and the repetition of the same homeopathic remedy was advised.

In her 2nd follow up (2 weeks after the first appointment), Nancy reported noticing further progress with the UC. She no longer experienced bloody diarrhea, cramping in her abdomen, and frequency of bowel movement. She regained her appetite, and was able to have formed stool, though some of the stools continued to be somewhat soft. The ear symptoms resolved completely. She no longer feared that this was incurable. Her anxiety had reduced noticeably. She felt like herself again.

Acupuncture & Homeopathy:

There are some who believe acupuncture is incompatible with homeopathy, this is an example of it's compatibility. In this case, acupuncture cared for the local aches and pain, while the homeopathic remedy addressed the UC, swelling ear, and anxiety state of mind.
Dys-co is a homeopathic probiotic so to say. John Patersons writes in his book Bowel Nosodes, Dys-co is a useful remedy for those with anticipatory nervous tension, shyness, uneasiness, inflammation and ulcers of the digestive tract, digestive tract spasm, and duodenal ulcer from nervous tension. This picture matched the patients symptoms beautifully.

Note: name has been changed for privacy purposes.
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